Yo wut

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Yo wut

by V3N0M_123 » Fri May 29, 2015 6:44 pm

Your in-game name: V3N0M_123
Person who banned you: Morpher26
Reason given for ban: Told you to be nice dude...
Reason(s) you should be unbanned:Well, I mean this was TOTES out of order, like it's banter mate. I grew up with banter I'll die with it too, but like I shouldn't be running down the street with my woes while I'm banned for this, and also VVX said I was "[her] little dylio" ( '[' Used to show where I had changed a word from 'my' to 'her' to fit into an embedded quote), when I'm not hers. This is objectification of me and I am really sad now.
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Re: Yo wut

by morpher26 » Fri May 29, 2015 8:00 pm


this was not just friendly banter
you were bragging about diamonds justron made a simple response "This guy. . ."
your response was not okay in and of itself with :
[G][Rsd@V3N0M_123] If you ahve anything to say, say it to
[CHAT] [G][Rsd@V3N0M_123] deez nutz!
[CHAT] [G][Rsd@V3N0M_123] Have*
That in itself I just warned you for, I didn't want it to escalate into anything more serious
* Mod@MOON let's all be nice
* Mod@MOON mmk? mmk
Immediately after I said this you responded telling sdor(who you thought was me) to shut up, clearly in violation with my first warning. I then gave you a final warning to be nice, since you had forced my hand.
Your response was to correct yourself realizing it's me, then promptly telling me to shut up, it was at this point I had no choice but to ban you, because it was clear you were not about to behave.
Is it a silly thing to be banned for? Yes it is
It should be relatively simple to follow my warning to be nice, but instead you proceeded to tell me to shut up.
So because of this I am denying it.
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