Diamonds not overflowing to new stack when trading

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Diamonds not overflowing to new stack when trading

by GG1LL3S » Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:58 pm

Earlier today i was checking my spawn shops earnings. In which i sold 11 items at 6 diamonds each which should have resulted in the chest containing 66 diamonds. However there were only 64 diamonds in the chests so i went and did some testing.
Turns out whenever a trade fills up a stack of diamonds the remaining diamonds are voided. Below you can find a link to a video showing the bug.
(The diamonds that were lost by making the video were already refunded by icefang)

After further testing i've found out that this doesn't just happen to diamonds but also other items but not all of them.
The video below shows iron does properly overflow into a new stack but dirt doesn't and the remaining items are voided
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