List of changes done to the server


by zerg960 » Mon Dec 23, 2013 6:05 am

Web chat now has lower latency when chatting.. (it's running on its own psuedo-bukkit server now)
Can no longer quick place more users signs
wall-e forgets you if you've stopped swearing for a month
tab completion for /ov /c and /boner
update /checkzone
add tab completion for /waypoint
add tab completion across all servers..
expand pandora
can no longer lose items when pvping near any spawns (/oc /pp or /nc)
tab completion for chat messages now uses display names
anti-greif mod commands /inactivateall etc work on design server
chagned message for kreatious.tp.deny to pretend like noob has /notp
fix cobble = gravel on web stats.
more messages show on both servers
/mail shows last 70 mails
fixed /pp
can /q across servers..
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