List of changes done to the server


by zerg960 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 3:03 am

- made a command for me to check for alt accounts. /ip
- /boner save now saves all the connected chests too. - thanks neko.
- fixed bug with web trade potion names being confused with extended vs. lvl 2
- Ric914 resigned
- Nezark123 is a full mod now. (We're looking for some more cmods..)
- Moved the anti-flyhack code to a synchronous task. This'll lag the server a little bit, but at least now we'll have 24/7 protection against flyhack. This also fixes the bug with the "you are no longer afk" message not appearing.
- Removed /clone. Replaced it with /clonenew
- Reorganized the /help menu. Vote commands are now bolded, and are listed first if you've already voted.
- Changed the vote link. Vote for us on minecraft-server-list.com now.
- Eve now gives mods bones again
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