Pumpkin hype!!

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Pumpkin hype!!

by zerg960 » Sat Nov 01, 2014 12:37 am

The Great Halloween Pumpkin Hype!

This weekend, Halloween pumpkins will be visible around the entire survival server to people that vote. The top people who collect the most valuable pumpkins will be rewarded with prizes!!!

What do they look like?

How do I collect them?
You collect Halloween Pumpkins by getting close to them. They will then disappear.

Will I have to place or break any blocks to get to a pumpkin?
No, you do not need to place any blocks or pillar up to get a pumpkin. There are no pumpkins in privated houses, because those people are mean and afraid they'll see someone. If you do cause issues by placing or breaking blocks to get an pumpkin, it will be considered griefing, and you may end up being banned. Do not make 1x1 pillars to get to eggs.

Where can I find them?
Anywhere in the survival server. Mostly above ground. Some pumpkins are inside large buildings. A few pumpkins are hidden underground. Some are in the nether. Some are in the end. Some are out in the open. A compass can help you find the closest ones.

I don't see any!
You need to have voted at least once in the past month, or be promoted to Resident.

How do I tell how many pumpkins I've collected?
Type /halloween in game.

How do I tell how many pumpkins Neytiri collected?
Type /halloween Neytiri in game.

Can I tell how far from the top 3 pumpkin collectors I am?
Yes, type /halloween in game.

Do I get anything for collecting them?
Yes. When you collect an egg you will obtain 1 Halloween egg that can be placed in your inventory. After the event is over these Halloween eggs will be useless until Easter.

Will I need to bring anything?

Will I want to bring anything?
Yeah! Ender pearls...

What do the valuable pumpkins look like?
The super-valuable eggs are made out of glowstone blocks. People who find glowstone block pumpkins will be rewarded with a prize. There are also jack-o-lantern block pumpkins, regular pumpkin block pumpkins, and gold block pumpkins. All valuable pumpkins have emerald block stems


How much is each pumpkin worth?
Glowstone pumpkins: 17
Jack-o-lantern pumpkins with emerald block stem: 9
Pumpkin pumpkins with emerald block stems: 5
Gold block pumpkins : 3
Wool pumpkins : 1
Brick pumpkins : 1
Netherrack pumpkins : 1
Nether brick pumpkins : 1

How long will the event run for?
This weekend.. :)

How many super-rare pumpkins are there?
There are 4 glowstone pumpkins, which can spawn in several different places.

What are the prizes for finding the most pumpkins?
First place:
  • Ghast moan login noise! :>
  • Unlimited access to two donor commands of my choice.
  • I might make your name shorter.
Second place:
  • Unlimited access to two donor commands of my choice.
  • I might make your name shorter.
Third place:
  • Unlimited access to a donor command of my choice.
4th and 5th place:
  • Unlimited access to a donor command of my choice.
  • You win a hug!

What are the prizes for finding the prize pumpkins?
Each prize pumpkin you find gets unlimited access to a donor command of my choice. :)

I like this server now. Can I donate?

You should also vote for us on minestatus every day at this link: http://www.minestatus.net/13758-kreatious/vote
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Re: Pumpkin hype!!

by maxmmm1501 » Sat Nov 01, 2014 3:02 am

Pumpkin hypeeeee!
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Re: Pumpkin hype!!

by Jedi_Poodoo » Tue Nov 04, 2014 2:10 am

Looking for the results...
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Re: Pumpkin hype!!

by VVX1000 » Tue Nov 04, 2014 2:48 am

Let me express my thanks to Zerg for implementing this event, I had a really awesome time finding most of the pumpkins. Got to see many awesome places I never thought existed, such as Aero, and many other small unnamed builds and villages. I also got to see places I heard about in person, such as the District capital of Leon, Frost, and whiterun. After exploring for about 26 ish hours, I ended with about 2015 - 2016 points, and I placed 4th (As of when I logged off at 3:30PM EST). Thanks for the awesome event Zerg! And happy 3rd anniversary to Kreatious.net! We are still going strong after all these years, and my 3rd anniversary is coming up later this month, It's always fun to see the time pass by and see what's been done by so many creative users with awesome personalities.

I took some screenshots to commemorate the event that I'd like to share!


First rare pumpkin I found, I never knew pumpkins could grow out of the ground, 2spoopy


One of the many series of double pumpkins, this one stood out, cause it took me a longg time to get to it from there. Zerg does put pumpkins in many difficult places! *cough* top of veilzaq tree *cough*


Another tactical place where a rare pumpkin lies! Took me awhile to find out how to get down there until I found out I had enderpearls.. lol.


This thing, was in the middle of nowhere, I was happy to find it while running around. So bright! Mah eyez.


Near Elven there were tons of pumpkins in a row all made of wool, I felt like I was collecting mario coins, another reason why it was so addicting was because even the 1pt pumpkins made a difference, a huge one infact.


If that was at night it would of looked so cool. Nether brick pumpkin with a very rare pumpkin in the background.


This image is my favorite, it's probably the only trio there was, and it made me laugh when I saw it, I call it, string bean!

As for the glowstone pumpkins, I heard many people found both of theirs? I only found one, It was in a place I never expected but that's the point of the pumpkin hunt, rarer ones in places one wouldn't expect =P

Again, I'd like to thank Zerg for creating this event, many people had a blast doing this, I know I did, and many of the new people who joined during that time enjoyed it too! I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween and a if you searched for pumpkins that you had a fun time. Congrats on the winners when posted!

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2. Donating to the server, you get many cool commands and you get to know the server better!
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Re: Pumpkin hype!!

by Kassu233 » Fri Nov 07, 2014 2:46 pm

waitin for the prizes hype


read her (or his ø_ø) post (especially the thanks to zerg) cuz i feel the same way
also look at the screenshots... triple bean hype
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Re: Pumpkin hype!!

by Jedi_Poodoo » Tue Nov 18, 2014 6:09 pm

Did the prizes get awarded?
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Re: Pumpkin hype!!

by maxmmm1501 » Tue Nov 18, 2014 6:41 pm

Jedi_Poodoo wrote:Did the prizes get awarded?

Not yet >_>
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