What the mods have done to me recently

What the mods have done to me recently

by emosewa6 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:31 am

I feel the need to post about this becuase I think it's horribly unfair. So my house is on a mountain. We were expanding outwards with floating islands. Max comes over and says he wants to buy the mountain, I say no, 40 db, still no. I come back on a day later and Max has built giant tower smack dab in the middle of the circle I was making for one of the islands, like dead center of the circle is also the center of the building. I later find out that he is making that into a waypoint. Max then brings 3 other mods in and they're all on his side and I'm against. They want it to turn it into a park cuz it has the highest naturally generated tree on the server or something. Then this: (in blue)
So basically he's forced his way into getting the land. I told him that I would go sleep on it as I was fed up after an hour of two of saying "no" and the mods just not listening to my no. That was a few days ago. The other two people who live here are also undecided cuz they want that part of the mountain, but also want to expand outwards. So he built the town to get his way, no matter what, and it's lose lose for me either way. What I would like is to keep the land and removal of the town but that's not gonna happen. I just felt like I needed to post this even though it's probably not gonna do anything. I encourage you to reply with your thoughts regarding the situation. Thank you for actually reading all this btw :p
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Re: What the mods have done to me recently

by KittyCatPerson » Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:53 pm

My god, that is horrible!
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Re: What the mods have done to me recently

by ShadyVale » Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:23 pm

Some other things happened too, which lead to zerg and wubbie getting involved.

To everyone, if you are having a real issue of being bullied or feel you are being "abused" by a mod,
take it directly to zerg. Don't bother arguing with mod(s), that can just make matters worse.
Also, when I say "real issue", the original post can be used example.
Joke kicks, or 0sec bans, while they can be annoying, don't really fall into that category,
unless they become overly excessive.
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Re: What the mods have done to me recently

by zerg960 » Wed Jul 31, 2019 8:45 pm

I know I'm 2 yeas late to this party, but, for what it's worth, I removed max's claim to the mesa near 11235 73 7700, and rewrote eve in 1.13 to prevent moderators from abusing land permissions like this in the future. What max & sdor & emerald did isn't something that was okay.
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