anyone else timing out all the time?

anyone else timing out all the time?

by GG1LL3S » Thu Apr 26, 2018 1:21 pm

All day today the server seems to be timing out allot first it was every few minutes now it seems to be timing out again after 1second of being up. I don't know what is causing it but it wasn't timing out until osum joined i don't know if there is something going on in the area in the area he is in or if its just a coincidence.
Whenever i see the server up i can see osum being online but before i can join it has already timed out. Even if i don't try to join is see osum being online and another refresh later the menu just shows its pinging the server :/

EDIT: still in a timeout loop with osum always rejoining :/

the loop: time out (server selector showing pinging) -> refresh a few times see 0/60 players on -> refresh again see 1/60 on (the 1 being osum) -> refresh and see pinging (meaning timeout happened) :(
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Re: anyone else timing out all the time?

by maxmmm1501 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 3:58 pm

Might've been something at osum's base. He was using a bot to automatically log him in when disconnected (this is not allowed, do not do this) so that's why it always showed him as online. Not sure if it was something at his base causing the time outs or not, wouldn't be surprised.

Zerg rebooted, osum was banned. Seems fixed, at least for now.
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Re: anyone else timing out all the time?

by osum54 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:50 pm

Max if you played enough you would know that it wasn’t me having everyone time out. The server for the past free weeks has been timing out every 5 minutes, not only at my base. I was combating the issue by reliving in every time I timed out because something is wrong with the server, and no it’s not my base because I have been other places on the server and been timed out multiple time so don’t give me that. No where have I ever read a auto reloggin is against there rules. It doesn’t give me a unfair advantage if anyone else can do it.
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