Kreatious Is Changing It's Image!

Kreatious Is Changing It's Image!

by Icefang113 » Sun Apr 01, 2018 2:39 am

With Vanilla Survival on the decline, The Kreatious staff has decided it would be best to change the server's focus.

In one week, on April 8th, The current map will be deleted, and we will be changing over to a Anarchy Factions PVP server.

Griefing, Stealing, PVP, profanity, and even Hacks will be allowed.

In addition, In order to keep up with the costs of the server, we will be introducing Perks and new ranks, which can be bought for Kcoins(Kcoins can no longer be obtained by selling leaves, and can only be bought with real world money, or bought with diamonds at the rate of 1 Kcoin per diamond. If you are donor rank before the map is reset, current Kcoins will transfer over)
The prices for Kcoins are:
    $4.99: 30000 Kcoins
    $9.99 60000 Kcoins
    $19.99 100000 Kcoins
    $29.99 200000 Kcoins
    $59.99 350000 Kcoins(Best value!)

Perks are as Follows:
    30*30 Plot of Ungriefable Land: 35000 Kcoins
    Permanent Regen II Effect: 40000 Kcoins
    Permanent Speed III Effect: 45000 Kcoins
    Permanent Saturation Effect: 50000 Kcoins
    Resistance 5 potion(god mode) for 5 minutes: 70000 Kcoins
    Unbreakable Sharpness 10 Fire aspect 5 Knockback 5 Sweeping Edge 5 Smite 5 BoA 5 Diamond Sword: 65000 Kcoins
    Unbreakable Power 10 Flame 5 Punch 5 Infinity Bow: 70000 Kcoins
    Set of Unbreakable Protection 10 Throrns 5 Diamond Armor: 150000 Kcoins
    Ability to grief normally Ungriefable plots: 220000 Kcoins
    Unbreakable Sharpness 255 Sword: 250000 Kcoins
    Creative Mode: 400000 Kcoins
    World Edit: 800000 Kcoins
    Ability to kill Creative players: 1000000 Kcoins

New Ranks:
    Resident + (rsd+) 120 Hours online
    Resident Ultra (rsdU: Requires rsd+ and having been donor rank at least once)
    Resident Turbo (rsdT): Requires rsd+ and having donated at least $60
    Resident OMEGA (rsdO): Requires rsd+ and having donated at least $100
    Resident Infinity (rsdI): Requires rsd+ and having donated at least $1000. Comes with Free Creative mode
    Junior Donor (Jdonor): the same as the current donor rank. Expires after 1 month
    Donor (donor): Requires donating at least 10$. Expires after 1 month
    Super Donor (Sdonor): Requires donating at least $30. Expires after one month.
    MEGA Donor (Mdonor):Requires donating at least $60. Expires after one month.
    HYPER Donor (Hdonor): Requires donating at least 100$. Expires after one month. Comes with a free God mode potion!
    Operator (OPERATOR): Purchased with 10000000 Kcoins. Gives OP and all commands that come with it.
    DAB rank (DAB): Purchased for 99999999 Kcoins. You get the ability to Dab in game.

In addition, Veteran can now be bought for 100001 Kcoins(there will be no more votes, and all current veterans and ctzns will become rsd+), with Equivalent ranks for Vtns as rsd ranks.

We hope that these changes will lead to a renewed intrest and enjoyment of all players involved, and an influx of new players. Thank you for your time, and Have fun! The Current map will be available for download for MEGA DONOR and above ranks once the new Map goes up.

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Re: Kreatious Is Changing It's Image!

by siderpig2 » Sun Apr 01, 2018 4:09 pm

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Re: Kreatious Is Changing It's Image!

by fredbighead » Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:10 am

It's about time! I've been on here since '012 and all I've ever wanted to do was buy op. that's literally it. I only made snowville cus I was bored and I thought it would get me closer to buying op.
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Re: Kreatious Is Changing It's Image!

by maxmmm1501 » Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:52 pm

Archiving as this was an April fools post, in case you couldn't tell.
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