Renovating New Continent Spawn (Summer 2018)

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Renovating New Continent Spawn (Summer 2018)

by emeraldcreeper10 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 2:17 am

Renovating NC Spawn (SUMMER 2018)

In 2016, both Max and I decided to take it upon ourselves to renovate New Continent Spawn to the best of our ability, whether it be simply patching up holes or constructing new buildings altogether. We successfully renovated the island the lighthouse is located on, finished constructing the walls submerged underwater around Spawn, finished restoring the nearby lands surrounding Spawn (for the most part), and oversaw the construction of two new skyscrapers. That is as far as we got, though, with it being summer, I didn't think there would be a better time than now to follow through with our project.

As of right now, we are currently constructing the Kreatious National Park Service (KNPS) Headquarters in the eastern half of Spawn City. We also have plans to build a subway station located where the Spawn Shops used to be, which we are designing after Union Station in Chicago. The station would essentially connect Spawn to the Kreatious Subway System.

Players are free to select a plot in Spawn and submit screenshots of a design that would work well in the selected plot. If you have the mod World Downloader, feel free to download a world of Spawn and build in the plot on Singleplayer. That would be recommended as it would also give Max and myself the chance to see how your building looks in comparison to the others at spawn. We currently have NINE plots available to any player who desires to submit a design.

Building Guidelines/Tips

1. Your building should fit with Spawn's theme, which primarily consists of dark, gray blocks such as stone, stone slabs, and stonebricks. Glowstone is recommended to provide a suitable light source, and glass is as well.
2. Do NOT build underground. If you have an idea, ask for permission first.
3. The tallest building in Spawn is 120 blocks tall, including it's spire. Your building should be no more than 110 blocks tall, not including a spire/antenna at the top.
4. Your building should be appropriate and must abide by all of the server's rules.
5. Your building should not interfere with other buildings already featured in Spawn.
6. Try to make your building unique, yet try to make it blend in at the same time. Get creative and try out different shapes or experiment with different types of blocks that you think could still fit with Spawn's theme.
7. If you have an abstract idea for your plot and think you should ask one of us first, ask. Its better that you get denied permission rather than spend hours trying to build something that would ultimately not be permitted.
8. Also, WorldEdit is a highly recommended mod that will make designing your building in singleplayer much easier, as it will allow you to copy/paste the layers of your build quicker allowing you to see what it looks like at its full height.

Here are some examples:




If you like, we recommend trying to get some ideas from this video below. It showcases most of the originally intended buildings for Spawn, and we are attempting to style at least some of our buildings after the ones seen in the video.


As of right now, we have an abundance of stone and stonebrick. Any glowstone or glass would be greatly appreciated. Polished diorite and andesite, as well as terracotta and concrete are useful too in the case that someone may need them for a future building. Sandstone, bricks, or any other spare building block could come in handy as well. All donations can be given to the east of Spawn's center, in a chest adjacent to the yellow question mark.

Additional Information

Any player who still desires to help out with the renovation, but not partake in designing any new skyscrapers is free to contact myself or Max in game. There are still a few repairs here and there that need to be taken care of, as well as some renovation surrounding Lefty's clocktower in western Spawn.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to inquire on this post or contact me in game.
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