Kreatious Unified Subway System

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Kreatious Unified Subway System

by maxmmm1501 » Sun Apr 01, 2018 12:45 am

I have been working for quite a while a while to connect and finish existing subway systems, and build a few new ones to cover the entire map. I decided to make a forum post to possibly get some help for a few things, mainly digging, as well as to get a map and just general information about the subway out to the public.

Here is a map of the subways. I hope to make a better map than this, but I am looking into options other than just paint and an image. For now black = complete or functional, red is planned. Blue dots are exit stations.
If you want a bigger more detailed map without the subways, go here.

As for help, I am currently looking for people willing to dig tunnels for pay or free. Talk to me in game about the rates and where I need stuff done.
I am also looking for someone to build a station at /spawn. You can download this file of spawn here to design the building on, I will need to approve the building and either I or the designer can build it at spawn. If you do wish to design a station, please keep it in the theme of spawn. This means use similar materials (stones, glass, glowstone, sandstone, etc). I will probably be biased towards designs that look like union station in chicago so it would be cool if you designed it to look like that :>
(Note: I have one person already designing a station for spawn, feel free to design if you wish but know I may not choose yours.)

I do plan on updating and making this post better in the future once I can make a better map that is easier to modify.
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