List of Allowed & Banned Modifications to your Minecraft.jar

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List of Allowed & Banned Modifications to your Minecraft.jar

by zerg960 » Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:33 am

List of Allowed/Denied Mods & Modpacks

This here is a list of the Modifcations to one's minecraft jar that are spefically named to be allowed or denied.

Allowed Modifcations

Anything that does not change the way you play minecraft significantly
  • Rei's Minimap

Denied Modifcations

Foremost anything that obviously Breaks Vanilla, like Tekkit/Technic, MoMobs
Anything that changes gameplay significantly/tries to spawn items
  • Any type of Advanced Movement Mod
  • Any type of Xray Mod/Texture Pack

Grey Area Modifcations

This is for some modpacks that have Griefer potential all mods in this list will have a description as to whats allowed
  • Zombe Modpack
    *SafeMod is the only allowed mod in this pack, this is how people like Feir are able to create perfectly safe houses to live in, where no monster spawns - DO NOT Install this pack if the other mods will encourage you to attempt to break our rules
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