[HOW-TO] Connect to teamSpeak

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[HOW-TO] Connect to teamSpeak

by tempestfeir » Thu Mar 22, 2012 11:49 pm

(copied from one of the many versions of wikias I've made this page for)

Teamspeak is a software that allows a user to communicate over the internet with a microphone to other players. Kreatious.net uses this software extensively, and the most trusted players are teamspeak regulars. One can find more information at http://www.teamspeak.com/ or you can download the program directly from their official downloads here http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads.

How to Connect to Kreatious
The best way to connect to the kreatious.net TeamSpeak server is by making a bookmark;
  • Open the program and find the menu named Boomarks, navigate the submenu and click on Manage Bookmarks (Alternatively you can just hit Ctrl + B in the program window).
  • Click on the add Bookmark button at the top left of the new window (Bookmarks). There will now be a bookmark called New Server, highlight it by clicking once on it.
  • Now look at the bottom of this screen, type into the various fields what you see below;

    Label: kreatious.net
    Address: ts.kreatious.net
    Nickname: Please use your full in-game(Minecraft) name here.
    Server Password: (Leave this Blank)
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